REWIND-A-WAI #33: “The Simpsons” Wrestling Episodes (S8E21 / S24E14)

REWIND-A-WAI #33: “The Simpsons” Wrestling Episodes (S8E21 / S24E14)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review two wrestling-themed episodes of the world’s most famous animated sitcom, The Simpsons.

We discuss our viewing history of The Simpsons, compare the quality of the series 16 years apart, and discuss how each episode represented professional wrestling’s mainstream status at the time.

  • The Simpsons “The Old Man and the Lisa” (S8E21) | Original Airdate: 20-Apr-1997

Penniless from a series of bad investments and counsel from yes men, Burns asks help from Lisa, who turns him into a profitable recycler. Then Burns takes things a nasty step further to increase his dividends. Pro wrestler Bret “The Hit Man” Hart has a voice cameo. (TV Guide)

  • The Simpsons “Gorgeous Grampa” (S24E14) | Original Airdate: 3-Mar-2013

Homer buys a storage locker, only to discover that it’s Grampa’s, from the days when he was wrestler Glamorous Godfrey, the most hated wrestler in the business, but Mr. Burns’s favorite; Burns talks him into wrestling again, but how long can Grampa put up with it when he sees that Bart is starting to act like Godfrey in real life? (

If you live in the US and have access to FX, you can watch the shows on Simpsons World. If you live outside of the US or if you don’t have access to Simpsons World, check out this website.

This edition of the Rewind-A-Wai is presented by Espresso Executive Producer, Jay from OSW Review.

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