POST NEWS UPDATE: Jake Roberts discusses recent health scare, issues with COPD

Jake Roberts provides health update, Miro was told the marriage storyline could headline WrestleMania, Tony Khan chats Full Gear and more.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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** Jake “The Snake” Roberts joined the ‘Nothing Beats Experience’ show on the ‘Premier Live TV’ YouTube channel. Jake was candid about his recent health issues that resulted in him needing a nasal cannula for the interview. Jake mentioned that his health issues arose shortly after Lance Archer contracted Coronavirus which was in late September. Roberts added that he’s battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which he’s been open about in the past. Both Archer and Roberts were featured on this week’s AEW Dark.

“I’m just gonna hit on it fairly briefly because we’re still struggling with it. About a week ago man, I just couldn’t quit coughing, and couldn’t breath. That’s not good, you know? And wound up having to get to the hospital and stay for a few days and I wish I could say this was COVID, but it’s not. It’s not. What I’ve got is worse than COVID. It’s something that was passed down to me through the bloodlines, hereditary and all that stuff and it’s not your happy camper stuff man. It’s issues with C.O.P.D. (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Of course, me being an ignorant son of b*tch, I smoke cigarettes, you dumb f*ck. Guys, if you don’t ever do anything in life, just don’t smoke and you’ll live much happier. I promise you that, really. I mean it’s the bastard companies that hook us all and get us all into that. Such bullsh*t but… it’s serious, for me. I don’t get the right amount of oxygen into my blood and that’s not good and I don’t know how much it’s going to limit me in my future. We’re testing it today for the first time to try and go do something. I know that without the oxygen, if I talk for about 20 seconds, I’m done. I can’t go anymore. It’s not there. So this is gonna be something I’m going to have to work with and the thing that I’m happy or happiest about is that I’m in AEW and they actually give a damn. It’s really wild. They actually care about the athletes, they actually get us the help that we need, they actually set up protocol so us dumb ass wrestlers don’t say, ‘Hey, I’m okay. I can get in there. I got one arm missing, you know? It’s okay.’ Wrestlers just don’t quit, we don’t quit, we don’t quit. ‘Man I can’t,’ you know? That’s what losers do. But, these guys are smart enough to protect us from ourselves and I am so over the top happy with them. The care that they’ve given Lance [Archer] because he does have the COVID and… it’s so weird man how that all happened. It’s like he went down with the COVID and then I went down the next night with this, and it’s like what? But, that’s just the way it turned out and again, I just, all I want to do is get out there and just do what I do man. That’s all I want.”

Jake talked about working on the writing team with Vince McMahon in WWF. He recalled seeing the star potential in Stone Cold Steve Austin early in Steve’s career, even when Vince didn’t think Steve could become a main-event talent.

“But, when Steve Austin came to WWF, I was helping write television, and I watched him, and I said, ‘This motherf*cker got it man. He’s got that ‘it’ factor and he don’t even know he’s got it.’ He didn’t. String ass blonde hair, get rid of that sh*t. He ain’t got none left anyway. I know how that feels but anyway, he started talking to me and I started talking to him, he wanted to get better and he was listening. Every night he was on the road, he would call me and tell me what happened in his match and how he dealt with it and how he brought it to the end, and what result it had. Did it make him bigger, smaller, what? So I worked with him. Well at the same time I’m helping write television, I’m starting to scoot him into places. Sort of as an afterthought so nobody was watching. Well then one day I told Vince [McMahon], I said, ‘That guy right there is gonna be your next super, superstar.’ ‘You kidding me Jake?’ He said, ‘That guy, he’ll never make it past fifth, sixth match. He’s not a main-eventer.’ I said, ‘The f*ck he ain’t.’ He said, ‘Do you think so?’ I said, ‘Yeah I think so,’ and we tried the thing and I guess it might’ve worked huh?”

** Miro guest appeared on Chris Jericho’s ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast to discuss his career in WWE and his aspirations in AEW. Miro reflected on the storyline involving himself, Lana, Liv Morgan and Bobby Lashley. Miro stated that when initially informed about the storyline, Paul Heyman told him that the payoff could be a main event spot at WrestleMania.

“And I left and I stayed home for three or four months and I think Paul Heyman called us with that story, and I was like, ‘Where is it leading?’ Of course because this is my first question. Cool, it’s not my favorite story but where is it leading? ‘Main event of WrestleMania. One of the main events of WrestleMania.’ When you hear that, what are you gonna say? There’s plans and this is September, October, whatever it was so it’s a few months planned and it’s very realistic. Cool, I jumped on board and I knew it was a red flag since the beginning.

But we still — we did turn it around. I think because the story was good, it was very controversial, but it didn’t turn around once again until I started having fun. I started playing the crazy guy because Paul Heyman was telling me, ‘You don’t care about her, you’re so over it. You just wanna have fun. You’re fine to be away,’ and we got there eventually but the other side, the other camp, Vince is thinking the complete opposite of, ‘Why are you smiling? Why are you [like] this? You’re heartbroken.’ Now, they can’t get it together between each other and I’m stuck in the middle, and at the end of the day, when everything was said and done, they went all for me but during the period, I guess Vince loved Bobby [Lashley] and his heat and decided [for] him to beat me every night or whatnot.”

Miro told the story of how he received a bonus from Vince McMahon. It occurred during a tag match on RAW with Angel Garza, Bobby Lashley and Humberto Carrillo. Garza was told to leave the ring after the match but Miro noticed the referee telling Garza to stay in the ring and gloat over Miro. Miro received the “bonus” for keeping his on-screen character strong by not allowing Garza to gloat but is aware that Vince McMahon instructed Garza to do so.

“It was me and Humberto Carrillo, young kid against [Angel] Garza and Bobby [Lashley]. The match started, we were supposed to go over. Next thing you know, I’m losing. Next thing you know, now Garza’s beating me. Not Bobby which is the feud, it’s the other guy, which I already have no wins against none of these people, right? So it don’t matter, I’m a professional. Cool, whatever you wanna do, that’s what we do. So then comes the finish, the rollup. The instructions was for him to leave the ring. Next thing you know, I see the ref go to his ear. Next thing you know, Angel goes up to the corner and raised his hands while I’m in the ring setting [up] the rollup, and I turn around, out the back of my eye, I see what’s happening. I’m like, ‘You –’ I’m not gonna say a bad word. I just charged him and beat the f*ck out of him. Oh sh*t, I’m sorry,” Miro laughed. “But yeah, I just saw him there and my eyes turned red because I knew what they were trying to do and [Rikishi] always told me, ‘You gotta protect yourself. Nobody is gonna look after you’ and I just went there and I started clubbing him and he rolled out and I broke Joey Mercury’s rule which is if you’re a babyface and you lose, you never raise your hand, but I just so wanted to stick it up to everybody and say, ‘[It] don’t f*cking matter who wins or loses because I am Miro’ and I just raised my hands and that was it. I came to the back, Vince said he’s gonna give me a bonus. He said he’s gonna give me a bonus because, ‘Oh, they’re trying to bury you out there. You really took care of yourself,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ He was like, ‘This is exactly what I needed to see. You’re very aggressive, good stuff.’ That was my bonus.”

The former United States Champion recalled doing a dark match following a WWE event. He and several other talents were yelled at for being too comedic during the match and Miro believes that led to him getting pinned in the U.S. Title match at WrestleMania 34.

“We had a dark match before Mania, and I got superkicked by the ref and I guess they got really mad about that but once again, it’s a dark match and you know, so if you guys don’t know, a dark match, we have TV, SmackDown, RAW, whatever and after that you have the big non-televised match. So it’s me, Baron Corbin, Aiden English versus The Usos and AJ [Styles] and we go out there and I had an idea of a superkick party where they’d superkick us three times in a row and then, we will throw Aiden English to get superkicked, he rolls out, we throw him back in, he gets superkicked. People are loving it. Finally, all three of us roll in, we stare at each other. I think it’s The Usos and the ref superkick all three of us and AJ puts the ref shirt [on], comes down and count 1, 2, I kick out of course because I’m gonna protect myself. But then we go to the back, we got yelled [at], we got fined and they told me if I didn’t kick out, I was gonna get fired.

Vince wasn’t there, Vince left. Whoever else was there, I don’t know. They yelled at us, we had phone calls, we had emails, we had another phone call.

And they made me lose at Mania [34] three weeks later, which we had a four way, so there’s three people that can lose and I hate to say it but out of these four people, I believe I was the most over. Why would you make me lose? Like what does that get you?”

Further commenting on he and Lana’s real-life marriage being brought into WWE storylines, Miro reiterated that the higher-ups in WWE were not too happy about that. He was supposed to win the Intercontinental Title prior to the news of he and Lana’s marriage becoming public but those plans were scrapped.

“I never had heat with anybody. I remember the one time I had heat was about the wedding, but that was not our fault either. When me and CJ [Lana] got engaged, they said that we leaked the pictures which is not true at all, in real life. So we were in an angle. Me and Summer [Rae] against Lana and Dolph [Ziggler], and we did get engaged but she sent that picture to the office and to some of the girls. It’s the happiest day of her life, she’s getting engaged. Somebody leaks that and they blame her, they blame me, I do jobs for six months. Our story gets cancelled that night, that night! We [were] in Chicago, I remember it because I was supposed to win the I.C. Title. We were supposed to get married with Summer. They nixed it that night and when I talked to Vince, he was like, ‘Well TMZ, it’s like CNN, it’s like world news. Everybody knows it’s true.’ I’m like, ‘What?’”

** PWInsider reported several notes from WWE’s Town Hall meeting for their employees with Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, Sarah Cummins (Senior Vice President, Consumer Products) and new CFO Kristina Salen among others. Per the site, the company is instituting a flexible work policy going forward for their office employees. Depending on their role[s], employees can choose to either work from home or come into the office. The site was told that it was a positive meeting and WWE wants to increase communication so that all involved know what’s going on.

** To promote AEW Full Gear, Tony Khan chatted with Bleacher Report Live to discuss the match card. While speaking about Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose’s AEW Women’s World Title match, Khan explained Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose’s absence from TV and shared that Vickie was unavailable due to personal reasons.

“I would have liked — Vickie Guerrero was unavailable. Not because of illness. It was not anything like that, but Vicky had been unavailable to us for personal reasons between her and us, these last couple weeks and I would’ve liked to have seen a little bit more of Vickie and Nyla in the build and that’s because Vickie had said, ‘Nyla’s not gonna be around, not gonna do anything until she gets a chance to challenge for the title.’”

Tony talked about the stunts that Darby Allin regularly partakes in. He admitted that he does get concerned at times but Darby runs everything by him first before doing it.

“Yeah, I mean Darby’s asked me. One thing Darby’s very good about is before he goes and does any of this crazy stuff, he asks for permission so I don’t get mad and to be honest, I really appreciate that because he’s never put the company in a bad position and there have been times where I’ve been really worried about some of the stuff he does, some of the crazy stunts. But, they are his choice and he’s always run them by me and I think, in this case working with Steve-O, that was easy. It’s a great opportunity. They have become friends. I’m not sure how they first connected but for a while, he brought up, ‘Hey, I’d like to do some stuff with Steve-O’ and you saw he had a cool stunt they pulled off and I think he’d love to do more cool stuff like that and I think there are opportunities outside of wrestling for Darby to be the crazy stuntman superhero that he is.”

** Corey Graves welcomed Mustafa Ali onto the After The Bell podcast. Ali was candid about the storylines he feels were left untouched between himself and the likes of Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.

“The bitterness I have towards that isn’t directed specifically at Kofi [Kingston]. It’s that I came back, and there was a story right there. There’s a story with Randy [Orton], there’s a story with Kofi. Eventually there’s a story with Brock [Lesnar] and Money In The Bank. Like there’s all these layups that have presented themselves and I came back and I was ready and I had nothing. Therein lies this realization that, ‘Was I ever gonna be the guy?’ Because you know there’s these rumors flowing around that Ali was gonna head into WrestleMania. You don’t know, because all I know is I was about to beat five of the best on SmackDown going into Elimination Chamber and let me ask you [Corey Graves], do you not think that I could steal the show inside Elimination Chamber? Knowing what I’m capable of. That was my night so I guarantee you I was heading to WrestleMania and that’s where all this baggage and this ‘what if’, this thing that’s gonna drive me crazy for the rest of my life. What if I didn’t get hurt?”

Ali reflected on his time as a part of 205 Live. He feels that if the brand could have had a talent like Rey Mysterio to carry it, it would’ve done the brand and the talent roster good to benefit from Mysterio’s stardom.

“So, I don’t wanna call it the problem but I think the thing [that] was overlooked was 205 Live was new. New superstars are being presented. If you gave us Rey Mysterio, you could put 205 Live on his back and he can create this brand because now there’s at least immediate interest in Rey which therefore is interest in the show and now you put Buddy Murphy against Rey, now you’re building Buddy and once Buddy’s established, you put me in there and there’s the process. New guys, new characters, new show, off you go.”

** Per ‘TheCubsFan’, CMLL announced that they will not be doing live shows over the next several weeks. Play-by-play commentator/executive Julio Cesar Rivera stated that CMLL had a deal with TicketMaster for September and October shows but not beyond that. They will return to Friday nights on November 27th. CMLL’s TV shows will feature new content.

** On the latest AEW Unrestricted podcast, Tony Khan joined the show to discuss all things Full Gear. During the podcast, Khan revealed that he originally wanted to use David Arquette in the MJF/Inner Circle Town Hall meeting segment on Dynamite.

“I also had an idea. I wanted to use David Arquette. I thought he would’ve been good too and David Arquette actually was the original person I wanted to use in Peter Avalon’s spot of the, ‘Can I join The Inner Circle?’ But it would’ve been a very different reaction. It would’ve been a very different reaction. They would’ve considered it maybe a little more with David Arquette as opposed to Peter Avalon.”

MJF and Chris Jericho’s Le Dinner Debonair segment aired the week prior to the Town Hall segment. Khan shared that when Jericho pitched the idea to him, he wanted it to be a dream sequence, as in when Jericho came to, he realized that he and MJF’s entire musical number was a daydream he had while at dinner.

“This was something where Chris came in and he pitched — the one thing on this little grid of stuff that I really took exception to was he pitched a dream sequence. That it would be a dream sequence where they would start singing and it would be like his dream and I was like, ‘No, we’re not gonna do that.’ We can’t do that and I can’t cannibalize the show like that but I do love the idea of Chris and Max singing.

If I could do something again in hindsight and we all agreed on this and I brought this up and everyone thought it was a good point I think. I would’ve done it in the ring. I would’ve rather done it in the ring and I think, it would’ve been challenging to do it live but we could have even taped it in the ring and I think it could have come off great but I think having it between the ropes and in the squared circle would’ve been the way to go. But, hindsight’s 20/20 but I think the idea of it was great. Now I was not gonna do it as the dream sequence but I thought that was — the idea of Chris and Max singing really appealed to me and it still does, and I think there’s a lot to it and so it definitely created conversation around this match.”

** AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) were interviewed by Stephanie Chase. The duo were asked which tag teams would they want to see come into AEW to have a feud/match with and one team they’d like to work is Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Dax Harwood added that they’ve pitched the idea to AEW President Tony Khan.

Cash Wheeler: And of course, we talked about this earlier this week or late last week I guess, but Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, that’s one for our own bucket list and for what I think we could give the fans just based off how good those guys are and how much we’d love to beat them up, that is what’s at the top of my list.

Dax Harwood: We begged and we’re not the only guys in AEW that have begged Tony [Khan] to have this match. A lot of people want to see it. But yeah, I do think he’s a little apprehensive, only because of the potential — well one is the potential backlash online but also, these guys, they’re not in the physical prime of their career. You couldn’t tell by their work because their work is so flawless, but they’re not in the physical prime of their career and they’re on the latter-half of life and you don’t want to put them at any kind of risk, any human being at risk for that matter, and so we’ve got to be careful with that but I think it will happen and if it doesn’t happen in AEW, it’ll happen somewhere and that’s obviously our bucket list match.

Elsewhere during the interview, Dax discussed Vince McMahon’s views on tag team wrestling and mentioned how he and Cash worked the most matches for WWE in 2019 and were some of the lowest paid on the roster.

“Cash and myself, we both worked in 2019 more than any — we had more matches than any other talent in the WWE. So they kept us booked because they knew we’d work hard on the live events, but if that were a problem, they wouldn’t have us in 155 matches in 2019, and then there’s the talk of, ‘Well they have to pay two talents.’ Yeah, they had to pay two talents but me and Cash were also two of the least paid guys in 2019. We worked the most and got paid the least, so I don’t believe that. It’s just an opinion that Vince McMahon has on tag team wrestling. He owns the company, it’s his playground, it’s his money and that’s okay. There’s things that I don’t like and if I owned a company, I wouldn’t — if I owned a coffee company, there’s no way I would serve gas station coffee, you know? It’s just not what I enjoy, and I just think he [Vince] just doesn’t enjoy tag team wrestling.”

Back on the topic of teams who they’d like to face, Dax Harwood named Top Flight (Air Wolf & Angel Dorado) as one of those teams and feels that the four of them together could produce something similar to what FTR created with Chad Gable and Jason Jordan.

“I put a tweet out, ‘Are there any tag teams on the independent scene that I need to look out for?’ And one of the teams that got mentioned over and over were Top Flight (Air Wolf & Angel Dorado), and after they got mentioned, they got an opportunity in AEW just maybe two weeks ago and they were very, very impressive, and I think we could do some stuff with them on the level of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.”

** Former WWE writer Jon Rineman hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit on 11/3 and he discussed working under Paul Heyman and adjusting to Heyman’s creative process.

Me too! And I wish it had worked out better. Wrestling is my first love and, when good, the best entertainment in the world.

It was only a pain in the ass, honestly, because of Heyman’s process (not necessarily Heyman PERSONALLY, but just his way of running the room). And being a “comedy writer” puts a big bullseye on your back with some, and unfortunately, the guys who liked that about me were working on the other show. So….just not a great fit.

** The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast welcomed Arn Anderson onto the show. Arn is in the process of trademarking the ‘Four Horseman’ name for pro wrestling purposes and he talked about what led to that decision and the process of trademarking it.

“I came up with it. I came up with the name, and it was on a promo and it just happened generically. It just kind of happened, and it came from the Bible verse and all that stuff. I’ve never trademarked it, I never owned it but I have since, since I’ve been the one constant as far as Horsemen go throughout the years, I thought, ‘Well, I will check into this’ and had a lawyer check into this, trademark lawyer and it hasn’t been trademarked. So, we’re right now in the middle of attempting to trademark that and it’s — I don’t think you can use it just for anything but — and I know you can’t but Notre Dame had some issues with it, obviously. Comes from the Bible, you can’t really fight the Bible nor do I want to. But for wrestling purposes, for appearances or the name of a group or something like that, that’s solely what I’m trying to do. Whatever we do, if anything, the name going forward, I just wanted to make sure it was protected, it’s special. Somewhere down the road, somebody might wanna break it out and use it again, who knows?”

** Doc Gallows, Rocky Romero and Karl Anderson joined Busted Open Radio to promote the second installment of Talk N’ Shop A Mania 2. Gallows shared that there will be a spoof of WWE’s RETRIBUTION group on the pay-per-view.

“We let the cat out of the bag. We have three epic factions debuting but one you may not have seen, the people who follow our stuff saw it in the teaser is the RETRI-POOP-SION group. They’re similar to a group that has been utilized on television lately. The difference is they have trouble with their pants when they get hit and things like that but you’ll see that on PPV November the 13th.”

Tommy Dreamer joined in the conversation and Dreamer revealed that he once had to have his testicles drained because Jerry Lawler hit him with a kendo stick in that area.

“Hey, I’m the only person in the history of wrestling that literally had to go to the hospital and have their testicles drained. 13 cc’s of blood and puss because Jerry Lawler caned me in the balls or else they said I was going to lose a testicle.”

** Liv Morgan shared on social media that she has enrolled in school to earn her real estate license.

** Chris Van Vliet sat down with Taya Valkyrie for an exclusive interview. The early stages of Taya’s career in wrestling was heavily discussed and she talked about how the late Shad Gaspard helped her get in contact with WWE.

“I had met — and I haven’t talked about this a lot, and I’m not gonna get emotional. I had met Shad Gaspard actually, three weeks before the Nationals that happened where I actually won, because WWE was in town and I was bartending at this bar and I was dressed as a female John Cena. I know, don’t hold it against me, and they were in the bar and I was just serving them drinks and stuff and he’s like, ‘You should be a wrestler’ and I was like, ‘I’m trying to be a wrestler and I don’t know how to be a wrestler.’ He’s like yeah, so he actually put WWE in contact with me the first time. So, yeah. So, tough story to talk about… but yeah, if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think that a lot of things would have happened the way that they did so…”

While speaking about her time on Lucha Underground, Taya revealed that she was originally supposed to be the “Kobra Moon” character which ultimately ended up being portrayed by Thunder Rosa.

“Well I went to Lucha Underground. Originally, I was actually told that I was gonna be Kobra Moon, so I had taken all the measurements for my costumes and everything so when I went to The Temple, I was greeted by Chavo Guerrero. He showed me around and then I was told that I was not gonna be Kobra Moon, and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m glad I brought my gear,’ and they said, ‘You are going to be with Johnny Mundo and PJ Black’ and I don’t even know if they had at that time decided if it was PJ and Jack [Evans], that we were gonna be this faction but I was told right away I was gonna be with Johnny Mundo.”

** In two weeks on NXT UK, Viper is taking on Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Title in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The 11/12 edition of the show will see the NXT UK in-ring debut of Rampage Brown, along with Trent Seven versus Dave Mastiff in the semi-finals of the Heritage Cup tournament. A-Kid advanced to the finals of the tournament. The 11/5 show also saw the NXT UK debut of Aleah James.

** Brian Myers guest appeared on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast. Myers reflected on his time with WWE and feels that Chairman Vince McMahon always liked he and Matt Cardona but simply didn’t see them as main-event players.

“Oh no, I don’t have any resentment or bad feelings or anything like that and to be honest, I think Vince [McMahon] has always actually liked Zack Ryder and myself a lot, I think. But I think he sees us as his mechanics, his good hands, guys who can enhance other talent. I don’t think he sees us as Roman Reigns running the show. I think that’s the big difference there. He likes us, it’s just he doesn’t see us as these mega-stars and that’s whatever. Wrestling is similar to ice cream. Some people like vanilla, some people like chocolate, some people like strawberry, whatever. My favorite wrestler isn’t gonna be your favorite wrestler and that’s just the way it goes.”

Myers also spoke about his former trainee MJF and the growth that MJF has shown in his year-plus under the AEW banner.

“Well I mean, Max just embodies what it takes to be successful in pro wrestling. He literally committed his life to learning his craft and being good at it and making sacrifices, getting into cars and doing long drives to barely any payday but just the experience, you know? He couldn’t have gone more head-in to the business to be successful and it’s all paying off. Hard work, nothing really… he’s basically outworked everyone and on top of it, he’s always been incredibly talented. He’s always had the gift of the gab and that stuff so, I’m not surprised at all where he is. I knew he was destined for success in the business.”

** Yen Press announced the release of the ‘New Japan Academy’ book starring Tetsuya Naito.

** Here’s the preview for the new mobile game that nWay and WWE collaborated on which is titled ‘Undefeated’:



** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated caught up with Eddie Kingston ahead of AEW Full Gear. Eddie talked about his promo in-which he called out Zack Sabre Jr., Nick Aldis and Cody Rhodes which led to him getting a shot in AEW.

“I was angry, extremely angry. Angry about the state of the world. Angry that I had to rush back from a tour of the U.K., leaving good people and good pay, because of the pandemic. Angry that I had to sell my gear to pay my mortgage.”

Going into his AEW World Title match, Kingston is feeling like he is the best pro wrestler in the world and added that any other mindset is not appropriate.

“I honestly believe I’m better than Moxley on the stick and in the ring. Outside of Kenta Kobashi, I believe I’m the greatest pro wrestler in the world. I have to believe that. If I believe someone is better, then why am I getting up in the morning? Why am I going to Muay Thai training? Why am I working on my grappling? Why am I going to the gym and studying tape? Maybe, on paper, it doesn’t look like I belong in this match. I’ve been betting on myself my whole life. I know I belong.”

** Elias appeared on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast.



** Yuka Sakazaki did an interview with Tokyo Sports.

** Liv Morgan and Keith Lee joined the Ringside Fest team to check out the reveal of WWE’s new Mattel figures.



** AEW’s Will Hobbs spoke with Bleacher Report Live.



** Wardlow was a guest on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast and he shared some of his goals that he wants to achieve in All Elite Wrestling:

“But me personally, everything with Max aside, I would like to hold the TNT Championship, I would like to hold big platinum, the AEW Heavyweight Championship. If Max and I could even — I would love to get our hands on the tag team championships. I’m very selfish when it comes to this business and I want every title, I want to be on every poster, I wanna be in the main event, I want it all. Plain and simple.”

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling posted a video on their YouTube channel of some of the most memorable moments from their ‘Power Struggle’ event[s].



** Daily Star caught up with Big E for an exclusive interview. Big E gave his take on why he and his fellow New Day members have such a solid communicative relationship with Vince McMahon.

“I often hear stories where we’ve been doing something, and Vince has been cackling [backstage] over the headset. All these years later he’s still entertained by this nonsense! I do think that’s one of the things he truly loves – the characters. Unfortunately, we have guys who are incredible in the ring, but maybe not so much on the mic, and maybe they don’t have these fully fleshed-out characters. Too often those guys don’t get the opportunities they should [get] based on their abilities because the main roster is essentially about characters and personalities. We’ve seen guys in the past, and I don’t want to [name] names, who aren’t very good in the ring but are great characters and great talkers, get all these opportunities. It’s because they bring an energy and a unique character. That’s what I’ve always tried to do – to be memorable – because that’s what he gravitates to.”

** Paige appeared on GAW TV with Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon and SoCal Val.



** While speaking with Daily DDT, Johnny Gargano stated that he’s slightly disappointed he won’t be able to share a ring with Sami Zayn as a part of the 2020 Survivor Series.

** In October, prior to the season two premiere of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, Paul “Triple H” Levesque appeared on the kickoff show and selected Rhea Ripley as a talent who’ll headline a WrestleMania in five years. While speaking with ‘Wide World of Sports’, Rhea reacted to that comment:

“Listening to that is wild to me. Growing up, Triple H is the reason I started watching WWE and the reason I started wrestling. Now he’s my boss and saying that I might be the one to main event WrestleMania in the next five years – to me that’s amazing. To think how far I’ve come from wrestling in little Adelaide, South Australia, to now having Triple H say nice words about me and putting me over everyone is wild.”

** The following video is from Ronda Rousey’s YouTube channel:



** Following the 11/4 episode of NXT going off the air, Tommaso Ciampa spoke to the fans in attendance and applauded them.



** NJPW Road to Power Struggle Results (11/5/20) Kochi, Japan
– Yota Tsuji def. Yuya Uemura
– DOUKI, Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. def. Hirooki Goto, Toru Yano & YOSHI-HASHI
– Great O-Khan & Will Ospreay def. Gabriel Kidd & Kazuchika Okada
– Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Minoru Suzuki) def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI & Shingo Takagi)
– BULLET CLUB (Chase Owens, Jay White & KENTA) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma
– Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi, SANADA & Tetsuya Naito) def. BULLET CLUB (Dick Togo, EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi)

** Taylor Wilde welcomed Sonny Kiss onto her ‘Wilde On’ podcast.

** AEW World Champion Jon Moxley appeared on TSN’s ‘Jay and Dan’ show to promote Full Gear.

** IMPACT Wrestling’s Ace Austin is returning to Game Changer Wrestling on 11/18.

** Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson covered the 2015 WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view for the latest ARN podcast.

** WWE’s Steve Cutler was the focus of a Q&A session that was hosted by RallyPoint.

** Today is the birthday of Allysin Kay. She’ll be in action on the AEW Full Gear BUY IN taking on Serena Deeb for the NWA World Women’s Championship.

** Hiromu Takahashi previewed the 2020 Best of the Super Juniors tournament during part two of his chat with

** The next installment of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s Ace’s HIGH interview series is up on

** Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald spoke with NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano.

** WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard chatted with Eddie Kingston.

** Dustin Rhodes returned to the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling radio show to preview AEW Full Gear.

** Doc Gallows, Rocky Romero and Karl Anderson chatted with Stephanie Chase.

** Natalya’s latest article for the Calgary Sun is up.

** NXT UK’s Alexander Wolfe has a birthday today.

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