Kenny Omega working with a torn labrum, discusses navigating the injury

Kenny Omega commented on his body being banged up and working with a torn labrum and how he's navigating the option of surgery.

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Kenny Omega is scheduled to challenge to Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship on the 12/2 edition of AEW Dynamite that is being tagged as ‘Winter Is Coming’. This will be Moxley and Omega’s second singles match in AEW as they first met at the Full Gear pay-per-view in 2019 in a Unsanctioned ‘Lights Out’ match.

Omega recently joined Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzales and was asked how he’s feeling physically after what he’s put his body through over his career. Omega stated that he is currently working with a torn labrum and explained that he’s always working with AEW’s head trainer Bryce Ready to stay on top of the injury. Omega is hoping to avoid surgery.

“So, torn labrum as you know is no laughing matter. That’s a surgery. But you know, I’ve got a very talented and unbelievable trainer and our doctors of course are always monitoring and making sure that we’re doing okay. But our trainer Bryce Ready, next-level kind of guy. He’s kept me together and in a condition where I’m able to perform. As long as I make sure that I see him two, three times a week, I can lift, I can do full range of motion. I just need to make sure I look after it and I can avoid that surgery. Of course I can’t afford having that time off. If things get worse, of course that’s an option I’ll have to consider but when I have problems with my neck, my shoulder, my back, my knees and there are days when it’s all of ‘em. Every single thing is hurting. I go to the trainers, they kind of patch me up and I go out there and perform.”

Last week on Dynamite, Omega signed the contract to make he and Moxley’s match on 12/2 official. Moxley did not sign because he was ambushed prior to the signing. To hear Bruce Lord and Wai Ting’s review of the show, click here.

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