IMPACT REPORT feat. Private Party, Matt Hardy, Jerry Lynn & Tony Khan

IMPACT followed Hard to Kill with Private Party appearing to wrestle in the main event along with Tony Khan & Jerry Lynn showing up.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling

January 19th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

The Invisible Hand’s Hiatus

Footage from last Saturday after Hard to Kill, where backstage we see Don Callis, Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows. Callis says they have to go celebrate but as they are leaving to go back to the hotel and get some massages, Callis stops and comes back into the room. Callis says you are going to witness the behind the scenes of how the Invisible Hand works, and that Omega & the Good Brothers are already planning what’s next. Callis says he and Omega will be taking a hiatus, as they have business to take care of in Jacksonville (AEW).

Eric Young (w/ Deaner & Joe Doering) vs. Rhino (w/ Cousin Jake)

Rhino comes out with the ‘Call Your Shot’ Trophy where he can get any title shot he wants, but since his partner, Heath is injured, he hasn’t cashed it in just yet. Young almost immediately goes to the outside to get away from Rhino, but Jake throws him right back in. Rhino calls to the turnbuckle before throwing Young into it, Young uses some underhand tactics to come back such as raking Rhino’s eyes and kicking him down low. Young holds Rhino down on the mat with a modified sleeper hold, but Rhino is able to punch his way out.  Young goes to hit a flying elbow, but Rhino moves out of the way. As Rhino is about to set up for the Gore, Deaner comes in to distract the referee, Doering at this point is able to take out Jake as well as target Rhino’s legs by slamming them against the ring post. Young takes advantage by putting on a heel hook on Rhino (the same one he used on Rich Swann) until he submits.

After the match, Young refuses to let go until Deaner throws a chair inside. Deaner holds down Jake, as Young sets up the chair on Rhino’s ankle. Doering jumps off the bottom rope three times to ‘Pillman-ize’ Rhino. Violent by Design stands tall as Jake tries to crawl and comfort a screaming Rhino.

Winner: Eric Young by pinfall at 4:04

No More Mr. Nice Moose

They go back to footage from last Saturday, where Moose walks into Gia Miller interviewing Rich Swann. Gia asks for feedback after what happened at their match at Hard to Kill. Moose answers with a scream and takes Swann and slams him against the door. Moose says he kept his promise and was the best teammate possible, but now that’s over and Swann’s title will be Moose’s soon. We go to Swann tonight, where he says if Moose wants a title shot, he will give him an opportunity to prove it tonight.

Romero’s Fingerprint Analysis

Acey Romero & John E. Bravo stop Tommy Dreamer and tell him they found the Ring Rust in the Knockouts Locker Room. Dreamer says he shouldn’t be in there, and everybody is wearing that cologne now anyway. Romero said he has learned fingerprint analysis and there’s only one person whose prints are on both the gun and the Ring Rust.

Matt Hardy Brings the Private Party to Impact

The Good Brothers come to the ring with mics and say they have to continue to make history and prove they are the draw of the wrestling world. Karl Anderson said at Hard to Kill they set the world on fire when they teamed up with Kenny Omega, and they made worldwide headlines. Doc Gallows says that’s what they do, and they have partied ever since and barely slept, but that doesn’t matter because they will keep the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship as long as they please. As they are talking about giving Magic Killers, winning, and too-sweeting they get interrupted by Chris Sabin. Sabin says he doesn’t know if the Good Brothers are either drunk, hungover, or stupid and those titles belong to the Motor City Machine Guns. Since the MCMG weren’t pinned when they lost the titles, they want their rematch. Gallows says that makes sense, but the problem is Sabin has no partner, so to take his ass to the back. Sabin says he’s right, Alex Shelley isn’t here, but he does have a partner as we hear ‘Sorry About Your Damn Luck’, James Storm comes out. Storm introduces himself and Sabin to the Good Brothers before reciting the lyrics to his theme song. Storm says the Good Brothers have something that they want, and now it’s time for them to put up or shut up.

As he’s about to deliver his catchphrase they get interrupted by Matt Hardy & Private Party. Matt says he has returned to the Impact Zone before hyping up their six-man match on Dynamite against Matt Sydal and Top Flight. Hardy says since the borders are open between Impact & AEW, he brought the Private Party over here for a warm-up match. Hardy says since this is a third-party match, he gets 50 percent of their cut before cutting some Scott Steiner math. Storm says this is a private conversation, not a private party. Hardy says that the Good Brothers, Storm & Sabin should be on their knees thanking him for having a job because he saved Impact from bankruptcy. Hardy says Private Party should get a title match against the Good Brothers because Matt & Jeff never lost the titles, they gave them up during a stupid teleportation angle. Gallows states since they are the champions, they don’t have to do anything and suggest Private Party take on Storm & Sabin to decide who gets the title shot. Hardy belittles Private Party and says they need to get their heads together and win tonight.

Matt Cardona is Alwayz Ready

Gia Miller is backstage where she welcomes Matt Cardona to Impact Wrestling and congratulations on his win, even though it was by DQ. Cardona says he is here in Impact for an opportunity, and he’s here to prove his fans and himself right.

The Fire & Flava Fest Packages

Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan are backstage trying to sell a package to Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K for the Fire & Flava Fest. Tenille is about to walk away before Fire & Flava offer her a discount. Johnny Swinger comes out and agrees, Kiera says if he has cash, he can buy the package and be in the ring with them later. Swinger says he doesn’t have any cash, as Fallah Bahh comes in and points that Swinger stole the money from Kiera & Tasha who stole it from him. As Fallah tries to get in the elevator, Brian Myers comes out and denies the invitation to the Fire & Flava Festival as well. Fallah gets a bit upset about it, and Myers tells him to show it in the ring and Fallah agrees.

Kimber Lee & Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

All four women start the match, Susan wrestling in her full suit and all as it eventually starts with Susan and Jazz. Grace comes in and beats down on Susan before sending her to the outside. Susan is playing it up as she’s not a full-fledged wrestler, and Grace seems to tweak her elbow before they go to commercial break.

We come back and Lee is holding down Grace before tagging out to Susan. Susan starts talking trash to Jazz before running into elbows by Grace. Grace attempts a muscle buster that gets blocked by Susan. Susan whips Grace right into a spinning kick by Kimber Lee who yells in frustration at a two count. Lee chops Grace a couple of times in the corner, and as Grace tries to come back with chops of her own, Lee chops her down with a harder chop. Grace attempts a comeback, ending with a big lariat as she crawls over to Jazz for the tag. Susan comes in and tries to take off her jacket as Jazz delivers blows. Jazz instructs Grace to demolish Susan and she does end with a Vader Smash and throws her into a DDT by Jazz who’s count gets stopped by Lee. Lee ends up throwing Grace to the outside and starts distracting the referee. Deonna is able to use this and hit Jazz over the head with her Knockouts Title, as Susan rolls up Jazz to get the pin.

Winners: Kimber Lee & Susan by pinfall at 10:44

It Was Taya!

Gia Miller backstage with Taya Valkyrie and asks her what’s next after her loss, as Taya starts saying how she’s going to play dirty, John E. Bravo comes in and says he knew it was her all along. Taya denies it before Tommy Dreamer and Acey Romero come in and say they have proof and even the GTV Footage. Taya starts screaming and admits it was her and the only regret she has is that he didn’t die. Security comes in and escorts Taya out of the building. Romero asks where she is going, and Dreamer implies she might go to correctional facilities in either Jacksonville or Stamford, and Bravo says he hopes she doesn’t go to Baltimore. As Taya is about to be thrown out, Rosemary stops them and asks what she’s done. Taya starts crying and says one of her biggest accomplishments she had here was having Rosemary as a friend and apologizes before Rosemary pulls her in for a hug. As Taya gets escorted out, Rosemary tells Crazzy Steve this is why they don’t have friends, it never works out, and asks if it frightens Steve. Steve says it excites him.

What is Tony Khan doing in the Impact Zone??

Tony Schiavone is solo in the AEW Control Center and throws it over to Tony Khan who’s somewhere else with Jerry Lynn where they say they will be watching tonight’s main event before hyping up Private Party. Khan throws it back to Schiavone who runs down the card for AEW Dynamite.  Khan says Matt Hardy is his answer to what Impact has done to AEW and says he can’t out carny Impact, but Matt is a big carny that’s why he sent him here. Khan says he will be ringside with Lynn to check out the match and says he will pay for tonight’s paid advertisement as well as next week before it’s revealed he is backstage at Skyway Studios and asks Lynn where the ring is as they walk away.

Impact Champion & TNA Champion

Rich Swann is out and says at Hard to Kill he felt the pressure but lives for that pressure and that’s why he does this. He came out and left his heart in the ring along with Sabin and Moose, although the entire time he had trust issues about Moose. Swann says his schedule is wide open for Moose because Omega isn’t in the building tonight and calls out Moose so they can settle it once and for all. Moose comes out wearing a suit with the TNA title. Moose says Swann’s decisions get him angry and he knows what happens when he’s angry, ask Willie Mack. Moose says nothing between them will get settled until he gets his Impact World Title Shot. Swann says that’s exactly why he called him out and challenges him to go right now. Moose says that’s not how it works, and Moose is the one who says when because Swann is on his time. Swann says that’s fair, but his only question is what they do now because he didn’t come here to talk and goes to punch Moose, but Moose stops him as they brawl in the corner. Swann starts ripping Moose’s suit off and chop Moose before Moose goes to spear Swann and Swann dodges and hits a Phoenix Splash.

Manik Unmasked

Scott D’Amore is interrupted in his room by Rohit Raju, then shortly after by an unmasked TJP with the X-Division Title. Scott D’Amore says it’s fine because TJP didn’t challenge for the title, Manik did so this is valid. Raju is upset and wants a title shot. D’Amore says in two weeks they can have their match. Raju is happy about it and screams out that’s all he wants. Scott D’Amore reveals to TJP that it’s only a non-title match.

Gold, Silver, or Platinum?

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz backstage with Alisha Edwards and ask her if she could MC, referee Brandon Tolle comes in and Fire & Flava ask him to cover his eyes before they picture him to imagine the Fest and ask how big they want his package to be. The Silver Package is in the crowd and the Gold Package where you could be ringside, but the one he wants is the Platinum Package where he will be in the ring. Havok & Neveah come in and say they will take the Platinum Package, but Fire & Flava say it’s sold out, so they ask for Gold & Silver which are both sold out as well. Kiera says she has a special package Bronze, no, Copper where they could sit at home and watch on tv with their cats.

Brian Myers vs. Fallah Bahh

Striker mentions that Myers in Queens hiked up the price of masks since everybody had to buy them from him. Bahh holds steady in the beginning dropping a leg drop on Myers for a two count. He ‘Bahhs’ a bit before hitting a running crossbody for another two. Bahh tries to run into Myers in the corner but runs into a boot, but quickly hits a belly-to-belly suplex for another two-count. Myers comes back and uses the ropes to take advantage. Myers tries to hold down Bahh with a headlock but Bahh is able to counter with a suplex and a bunch of chops. Bahh hits a big splash in the corner followed by another one with his butt. Bahh hits a Samoan drop but Myers kicks out. Myers tries to headbutt Bahh to no avail, Bahh accidentally pokes Myers in the eyes while doing the No-No-No, as the referee is distracted Myers hits a low blow and a clothesline for the pin.

Winner: Brian Myers by pinfall at 4:13

Come On, Ace!

Gia Miller backstage with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and asks about Hard to Kill and what happened. Austin says it was a tragedy, and since there were a lot of eyes you would think Impact would put their best foot forward. Austin says he was on the preshow commentary watching an embarrassing Josh Alexander match. Austin says he came out to put himself in the X-Division match but was interrupted by Matt Cardona, who supposedly works there now. Austin says Cardona is always ready for what? Cardona was getting paid in his last company to stay in the back and eat catering. Alexander comes out and gets in Austin’s face and says he has no problem getting into the ring with Austin, and as Austin distracts him Fulton comes out and they beat him down before Alexander gets saved by Cardona.

The Backyard Wrestler

Eddie Edwards is backstage being checked out by a doctor who says he thinks now’s a good time to cancel all future barbed wire matches. Brian Myers comes out and demands his eye gets checked, the doctor pushes him off saying he’s fine. Myers calls Edwards a backyard wrestler, so Edwards challenges him next week to a match.

Announced for next week’s Impact:

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander

Joe Doering vs. Cousin Jake

Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary

The Fire Flava Fest

Impact World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy)

Isiah Kassidy & Chris Sabin start the match during the commercial and Matt Hardy almost immediately starts barking orders at Kassidy. Marq Quen comes in and the Private Party hit a couple of double-team moves before Storm gets tagged in. Kassidy is able to hit a springboard DDT on Storm, but as Storm is trying to hit a move of his own on the top rope, he gets distracted by Matt Hardy and falls on the floor, at this time both Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn take seats ringside as they go to commercial.

As they come back, Kassidy is stomping Storm out in the corner as Tony Khan is writing notes in a notepad. D’Lo and Striker on commentary talking about how Private Party’s contract with Matt Hardy is unjust, and they should rethink it. Quen holds Storm down from tagging out, but he gets the hot tag to Sabin who hits a crossbody on both Kassidy & Quen. Sabin kicks off of Quen and DDT’s Kassidy out of the ring. Sabin hits a flying dropkick to the back of Marq Quen’s head and then pushes off of Storm to DDT Quen for a 2 count. Storm is able to take Kassidy to the outside before getting kicked down by Quen. As Quen is distracted by Sabin, Storm comes in and hits a lung blower on Quen for a two count. Quen takes down Sabin before Storm hits a neck breaker on Quen before getting kicked down by Kassidy. Kassidy calls out like Matt Hardy but gets suplexed by Sabin. At this point, Matt Hardy gets in Kassidy’s face yelling for him to get up. Sabin & Quen start to brawl, but Quen gets an assist by Kassidy as Quen hits a moonsault off the back of Sabin on to him. Quen takes out Storm to the outside, and as Matt Hardy distracts the referee, Jerry Lynn holds Sabin by the leg on the top rope as Private Party hits the Gin & Juice for the pin.

The Good Brothers quickly come out to stare down Private Party and Matt Hardy in the ring. As they are staring down Sabin & Storm jump in and all 3 tag teams start brawling.

Winners: Private Party by pinfall at 14:18, to earn a #1 Contender’s Match for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

Siino Vision: This was a very noteworthy episode of Impact, especially for those who thought the crossover would be limited to Kenny Omega and after Don Callis’ promised a hiatus, it could be possible some thought that was it, not only did we get Matt Hardy returning and bringing the Private Party to go right into the tag title picture, but Tony Khan himself. The inclusion of Jerry Lynn in the picture is interesting as well, and I wouldn’t mind Private Party having a brief stay here sort of like a ‘minor leagues’, similar to when Street Profits were sent to EVOLVE for a stint.

Have to admit, I love the Knockouts Division, but the last couple shows they have really felt flat. Fire & Flava continue to shine though, and I am intrigued on their Fest for next week, as well as if that is indeed the write off for Taya with them teasing WWE, AEW,and ROH, and hopefully this could at least mean the end of the John E. Bravo mystery. Besides the main event, none of the matches on the show had anything special, but it was the ‘invasion’ itself that will get people talking.

7 TK notepads out of 10

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