Rey Mysterio shares that he and Dominik had COVID-19 in December

Rey and Dominik Mysterio contracted COVID-19 in December and Rey broke down the timetable of their respective positive tests.

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Rey and Dominik Mysterio both competed in the 2021 men’s Royal Rumble match this past Sunday. The father and son duo have consistently been featured on WWE programming in the new year but to close out 2020, Rey, Dominik, Aalyah and Angie were not present on the show as often as they had been in the months prior.

Rey and Dominik appeared on the Start Today podcast and Rey revealed that he and Dominik contracted COVID-19 in December. Angie Gutierrez, Rey’s wife contracted the virus as well. Aalyah did not test positive for COVID. Rey explained that the first person in their household to test positive for the virus was their housekeeper, but prior to that, Rey’s parents caught COVID and he and his immediate family were taking care of them.

Rey: I’ll share my experience and at the same time, it has been so confusing for me and my family to try and really understand how this works because it changes every time. My parents ended up catching COVID and we were taking care of them, so making sure that they didn’t catch it. Well somehow, they caught it, brought it to my house, passed it onto my housekeeper, my housekeeper then passed it on to my wife. I was with my wife for maybe about three days, flew out to Tampa to do SmackDown. I found out that Friday morning before I — before we walked into the arena that my housekeeper had tested positive. So, I then brought it to their attention. I said, ‘I don’t wanna be the guy so…’ we both [Rey & Dominik] tested negative the night before and my daughter [Aalyah] who flew in that Friday morning had tested negative too so keep in mind, my daughter, Dominik and myself were around my housekeeper and my wife. My wife tested negative, my housekeeper tested positive. So then we end up flying back home Saturday. That Friday was December 11th, my birthday. Saturday, we fly back home in the morning. We were able to fly back because we were negative. Saturday night, I felt really sick. I woke up Sunday with a massive headache. I don’t suffer from headaches, no migraines, nothing. My wife, yes. But that Sunday morning, I woke up and I just felt achy and I was like, ‘Ah,’ I knew right away. I said, ‘Something’s wrong, I have it.’ My wife felt the same way. She said she had cold sweats throughout the night, she woke up sick. So we decide to go get tested on Tuesday but, Sunday and Monday, we were locked in our rooms. We just didn’t wanna go out and expose Dom or Aalyah. By this time, my housekeeper was already in one room downstairs and we were taking care of her. Tuesday, we go get tested, I test positive, my wife tests positive, Dominik tests negative, Aalyah tests negative. Sh*t, okay. We go back home, we lock up again. Now we’re quarantined for the next 11 days. He felt sick that Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday sick.

Dominik: I took the test Wednesday night, test positive Thursday.

Rey: Aalyah tested negative once again. You both took the test, sent it out, got the results, positive, Aalyah negative. So now he’s quarantined. Now the only one free is my daughter. Now she’s cooking and doing everything for us. We’re all locked up in our rooms. Yes, God bless Aalyah, and man she handled it very well. But that’s what was so confusing.

Dominik and Rey Mysterio are currently involved in a program with King Corbin on SmackDown. Sunday’s Royal Rumble event also featured the return of Seth Rollins who feuded with the Mysterio family for months dating back to the summer of 2020.

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