Tony Khan shares plans for AEW’s taping schedule once ‘Rampage’ debuts

After the news that AEW would add a third hour of programming with ‘Rampage’, the promotion’s taping schedule will undergo several changes.

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After the news that AEW would add a third hour of programming with ‘Rampage’, the promotion’s taping schedule will undergo several changes.

AEW President Tony Khan elaborated on those adjustments when speaking to Mike Johnson of on Wednesday with the site transcribing the following:

I’ll break the news. With Rampage, there’s going to be some weeks Rampage will be live and there’ll be weeks where we plan to tape Rampage after Dynamite, including here at Arthur Ashe stadium, where we will be filming also after. We’ll do Dynamite live and we’ll also film Rampage.

The Go Home will be live for All Out at the Sears Center, and also we’ll be live for the Go Home in St. Louis and it’ll be great. We’ll also be… so it’ll be Rampage. It’ll be really, really special for us. I think it will be, sometimes we’ll do it after Dynamite. We’ll do Dynamite, then we’ll do Rampage. Sometimes if Rampage is not live, then that’ll be one taping.

AEW Rampage is set to premiere on Friday, August 13th on TNT with the show transitioning to TBS along with Dynamite in 2022.

In the interview with, Khan also spoke about the future of the Dark franchise with its two shoulder programs, AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation that currently streams on their YouTube channel on Monday and Tuesdays:

Before Dynamite, we used to tape Dark. That’s going to change. I’m going to tape Elevation before Dynamite now. So it’s going to be a shorter Elevation and I may add matches that I’ll explain where I’ll add them from.  I’m going to procure a venue for use to tape Dark and other content that’ll be great. And I’m really looking forward to this. I think it’s going to be tremendous and it will be where we’ll shoot Dark and we’ll do tapings. And it’ll be, as it’s been, it’s been a developmental situation and it’ll continue to be developmental. And it’s been great doing it all under one roof, all at one taping. And there’s been advantages, but there’ll be some advantages now to doing it as its own taping and being able to give 100% attention to these and not having also to think about Dynamite and soon Rampage and Elevation also.

So, it will change the presentation, when we start going back on the road, particularly when we start… when Rampage begins. It’s going to change. And there’ll be weeks where it’s different. There’ll be more content in the live arena some weeks, maybe when Rampage is live and we’ll film more stuff. And there’s other weeks where I’m going to rely on the studios. But I have a plan for it and I try to be really organized and meticulous in the booking.

AEW returns with a taped edition of Dynamite this Friday night and will host their next live episode on Saturday, June 26th featuring Kenny Omega defending the AEW Championship against Jungle Boy on TNT. The promotion returns to its regular Wednesday time slot on June 30th.

The full interview with Tony Khan is available on PWInsider Elite.

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