IMPACT considered creating new Team Canada with Josh Alexander, Ethan Page, Taya Valkyrie & Eric Young

Josh Alexander says there was an idea floated out there for a new Team Canada consisting of himself, Ethan Page, Taya Valkyrie & Eric Young

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IMPACT Wrestling considered the idea of creating a new Team Canada.

As IMPACT Wrestling is inching closer to their Rebellion pay-per-view on April 23rd, talents on the card are making the media rounds to promote the show.

The IMPACT World Title match on the card will see Moose defending against Josh Alexander. While speaking about the upcoming event, Alexander guest appeared on Prime Time Conversations and he was asked about the idea of a new ‘Team Canada’ coming together in IMPACT.

Alexander shared that he has pitched it and the idea was floated out there to talents as well from IMPACT about creating a new Team Canada that consisted of Alexander, Ethan Page, Taya Valkyrie, Eric Young and one more individual that Alexander could not recall.

Oh yeah, it crossed my mind, I pitched it a few times [new version of Team Canada] and if we’re being honest, there was a moment it was pitched to us where they were thinking about putting together a new edition of Team Canada. I think it was me and [Ethan] Page and Eric Young and I think Taya [Valkyrie] and maybe somebody else was gonna be involved but you know, it was one of those things that was like, ‘We might do this’ and then you show up the next taping, it’s like, ‘We’re not doing any of that.’ You know, so it was just an idea that was kind of thrown out there and you get excited for it because, you know, The Hart Foundation, Team Canada, all that stuff, that’s my kind of thing. That’s why I have maple leaves on my gear, I’m always gonna champion where I’m from. But, maybe it’ll happen in the future. You never say ‘never’ in wrestling.

Looking at the current landscape and who would be available, Alexander’s Team Canada would consist of himself, Taya Valkyrie, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey and a tag team based out of Montreal called Le Tabarnak de Team (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois).

I think you need people that are gonna check boxes for every kind of division, right? So, if I’m gonna be the heavyweight champion kind of guy, I would be that and then I would bring — Mike Bailey would be my first-round pick for the X Division. I would bring in Taya [Valkyrie] to be the Knockouts division and I need to find a Canadian tag team. There’s a tag team in Montreal called ‘TDT’, Tabarnak de Team and you know, I don’t know if everybody knows who they are but I think they’d be a valuable part to the locker room as a Canadian tag team so I wouldn’t mind bringing them in and giving them a shot.

Alexander’s former partner Ethan Page is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling. Josh’s name was brought up during a segment on AEW TV that involved Ethan and to read Josh’s thoughts about that, click here.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Prime Time Conversations with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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