Sami Zayn, Corey Graves discuss constant changes in WWE, thinks the structure doesn’t change because the crew always delivers

Sami Zayn and Corey Graves have a conversation about the constant changes in WWE. They feel that Vince McMahon secretly likes the chaos

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Graves and Zayn discuss changes in WWE.

On the most recent episode of WWE After The Bell, Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcomed Sami Zayn onto the show. As their conversation went on, Zayn and Graves began to talk about the constant changes in WWE and adjusting to that.

They both agreed that although the structure should not work, it does and the entire crew delivers on a consistent basis. Zayn and Graves also feel that Vince McMahon secretly enjoys the chaos.

Graves brought up that there was a situation recently on Monday Night Raw when things changed drastically. He went to go see McMahon and McMahon jokingly told him that it’s live TV and nothing can go wrong.

Graves: Every week, things are constantly influx and constantly changing. Why is that? Because we have got the best team and crew on the planet earth and we know that despite all of the changes and chaos and variables, we are gonna go out and get the job done, because let’s be honest, things are constantly changing but even when something gets blown up right in the middle of the show, well, we’ll figure it out. We’re gonna course-correct and between the talent on-screen and the amazing crew backstage and at ringside and every aspect of this business, when we converge and we’re on the same page, you can’t touch it.

Zayn: There are times when I’m frustrated with it, I’m saying when things are going awry and I’m frustrated and I’m about to go out and I go, this just shouldn’t happen. This should be the week where it all explodes so that this never happens again. But it never happens, we always pull it off and it’s a testament to how talented everybody is. It’s crazy, like this shouldn’t work, but it does… and just once, I want for it to not work so they go, ‘Guys, we just — we can’t keep operating this way. We need to have things set before hand. We can’t have it this close to the wire.’ But no, we’re always [getting it done] so that’s why it keeps happening.

Graves: And nothing will ever change until something goes wrong but the way everyone’s firing on all cylinders, nothing truly goes wrong. It’s the beauty of live TV. There was a few weeks back and you’ll know what I’m alluding to when things changed in a very drastic manner on Monday Night Raw and I walked back through the curtain and I walked up to our fearless leader [Vince McMahon] and he had a grin on his face, ‘Hey, it’s live TV. Nothing can go wrong, right?’ And he just laughed and shook my hand and went about his business. That’s it.

Zayn: I think he secretly loves it. He loves the chaos.

Graves: I think he does too because it keeps the crew on their toes.

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