POST NEWS UPDATE: Paul Heyman explains how Sami Zayn changes dynamic of The Bloodline, Zayn emerging as a star

Paul Heyman chats Sami Zayn, AEW Full Gear-FITE buys, Anna Jay on her heel run, Giulia chats Historic X-Over, Logan Paul note, Davey Richards

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** Going into Crown Jewel, Paul Heyman joined Raw commentators Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick on WWE After The Bell. Heyman spoke about defining each character in The Bloodline and how Sami Zayn has played a role in those character shifts. Heyman feels Sami has emerged as a star as a result.

Heyman: Sami Zayn in The Bloodline. A perfect example of a catalyst that is now revealed multiple layers of the different personas within The Bloodline. We have defined Jey Uso, the right-hand man, far more with Sami Zayn than we did before Sami Zayn. We’ve defined Jimmy Uso as to which — the insult that Roman Reigns laid on Jey Uso when Jey was the first challenger to the title. The insult that Roman Reigns laid on him was, ‘You go through the airports and fans come up to you and say which Uso are you? Which twin are you? Which one are you?’ Nobody says that anymore. Everybody knows who Jey is. Everybody knows who Jimmy is. We’ve now established the difference between The Usos and they’ve established it themselves and they established it a whole hell of a lot more since Sami Zayn came into the mix. Sami Zayn comes into the mix at the same time Solo [Sikoa] comes into the mix and we have now certainly had situations where you get to see the persona emerge from Solo. You’ve seen a completely different side of The Tribal Chief. Tribal Chief wasn’t laughing before Sami Zayn. Laughed at a couple of people. Laughed at John Cena, laughed at Kevin Owens, laughed at Drew McIntyre, laughed at Edge and Daniel Bryan when he stacked them at WrestleMania. But he wasn’t laughing in the middle of a promo segment. Sami Zayn has brought out a completely different wrinkle of The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and my reaction to Sami Zayn and how I deal with this new influence on The Tribal Chief when I’ve had The Tribal Chief’s ear the whole two years with very brief exception when there was tension caused by Brock Lesnar, brings out a different version of Heyman as well. So, one catalyst has completely changed the dynamic within The Bloodline, the presentation of The Bloodline and the interpersonal relationships within The Bloodline and it’s been the emergence of a star named Sami Zayn. That’s a perfect storm for us and new characters in different situations or even different characters that have never intermingled, interacted and putting them together and gauging that chemistry and presenting compelling, riveting scenarios that we haven’t done before that reveal the different layers to the dimensional personalities that we try to put forth. That’s fascinating television, that’s great programming, that’s good booking. That leads to different scenarios in the ring that you wouldn’t have imagined just a few days, few weeks, few months before. That’s what I’m looking at… New talent in the mix with talent they haven’t mixed with before.

Earlier in the podcast, Kevin Patrick reflected on his first few weeks as lead announcer on Raw. One of the things Patrick is getting accustomed to is figuring out when is a good time to audibly jump in for a segment or moment versus when to lay out and not speak during it.

Patrick: I think the feel for it, if that makes any sense at all [Patrick said when asked what he is learning the most about doing commentary on Raw]. That smell and feel for every single moment within a three-hour show is quite complicated and I know you’ll [Corey Graves] totally agree with that. You’ve been part of this business for way more than half your life, right Gravey? And yet I’m sure when you jumped into commentary, at first, that feel for do I jump in right now? Wait, let this breathe. Roman’s about to say something in front of the camera like he did as he’s leaving ringside on Monday. Just shut up, lay out, leave it be. But at other moments, I’m figuring out that I need to jump in maybe a little bit quicker. It’s all completely and utterly nuanced throughout the entire show and it’s figuring out that feel I think which will take time. It’s not something that you’re gonna jump in and on your Thursday in a work week, have that totally and utterly figured out. It’s a privilege, it’s an absolute joy to be in this role and I hope folks will take to me and take to us in time.

** Josh Nason of F4WOnline welcomed FITE co-founder Michael Weber onto his ‘Punch-out’ podcast. Weber stated that there are thousands of buys for AEW Full Gear 2022 via the FITE service.

Soon as we put it for sale, it’s AEW. We put it for six weeks in advance for sale or eight weeks, they’ll buy it six and eight weeks in advance. We have an AEW show November 19th and we already have thousands of buys already. I love ‘em and we appreciate it. AEW loves ‘em, appreciates ‘em.

** To promote the P.W.I. Women’s 150, Anna Jay was interviewed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She was asked about leaving the Dark Order and joining the Jericho Appreciation Society. Anna said she loves her former Dark Order stablemates but could not turn down an opportunity to work with Chris Jericho.

Well, I’ll start off by saying I’ll always love my Dark Order guys. But you know, it’s kind of one of those things where it’s I could never turn down an opportunity to work with someone like Chris Jericho. He’s someone who’s probably the most talented person I know in the wrestling business so, to work with him is really an honor and something I’ve never thought I’d be able to do. So that would be the main reason I would say and also like I said, to be able to tag with Tay [Melo] again… So I think those are the main reasons but, yeah, Chris Jericho, he’s great and I am so happy that I get to work with him.

Anna has transitioned into the heel role. She feels she has come into her own and enjoys playing a character on TV that’s different from her real-life personality. Jay added that she’s loved every second of this run.

Uh, yeah [I feel I’ve come into the heel role]. I like doing that. I think it’s a little fun to play someone maybe who I’m really not. I don’t think I would say I’m like that in real life so I think it’s really fun. It’s also something different to do and to challenge myself. So I’m really glad I’ve been able to do that just because to change characters is just something, you know, that’s maybe not the most easiest thing but like I said, it’s challenging me and I’ve loved every second of it.

** There’s an interview on the Tokyo Sports site with Giulia. She spoke highly of Mayu Iwatani and views her in a special light as a wrestler. Giulia stated that she when she wrestles Mayu, it is an opportunity for her to determine her own value and reputation as a wrestler.

I always feel like I am being tested in my matches with her [Mayu Iwatani] and I especially feel the fun of pro wrestling. Whether or not I can have a good match with Iwatani will determine my value and reputation as a pro wrestler. That’s how much I base my opinion of Iwatani on her.

I don’t really like this kind of thing, but Iwatani is so cool that it makes me sigh (laughs). There are a lot of people who have careers and stuff, but they don’t get to do that even after 10 years of doing it. She’s special.

I don’t know what Iwatani thinks, but we need to be more aware of each other. I would like to have a serious match on the stage someday, where we can put our non-negotiables and other important things on the line.

At NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over, Giulia is tagging with Zack Sabre Jr. to face Tom Lawlor and World of STARDOM Champion Syuri. Giulia wonders if she’ll get to step in the ring with Lawlor.

Tom Lawlor is an MMA fighter, right? I don’t know how well he can wrestle, but I wonder if he will be my opponent in the ring. I’m sure he can show the best technique and match content.

Social media personality and comedian Fuwa-chan made her pro wrestling in-ring debut for STARDOM. Giulia thinks she performed well and while discussing her own debut, Giulia is not sure if she would have continued wrestling if her debut did not go well.

If it didn’t work out [her debut match], I probably would have retired in the middle of the show. How seriously you took wrestling would become clear in the ring. When I saw [Fuwa-chan’s] debut match, I felt that she had been serious about wrestling and that there was no lie in that. If some of the younger wrestlers don’t think anything of it after seeing that, they should get out of the ring now. I think it was such a good showing.

** TMZ caught up with The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie Bella) and asked them for their thoughts about Logan Paul in WWE. Nikki believes he has everything to be the total package and Brie believes he has the tools to be a big star in the company as well.

Nikki: I think it’s good [Logan Paul being in WWE]. He’s an amazing wrestler. I think he proved it at WrestleMania. He’s a good storyteller, he has charisma, he speaks well on the mic. He’s a total package as a WWE superstar.

Brie: If he works hard enough [there’s a chance could be a big star]. It’s a tough business but I do think he has all the tools to be a big star there so we’ll see.

** At NWA Hard Times 3, Davey Richards is scheduled to defend the MLW National Openweight Title. He told the Battleground Podcast how the MLW title defenses on NWA pay-per-views came to be and it started with a conversation with Billy Corgan at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2022.

No hesitation needed [when asked to be part of NWA Hard Times 3] … As people know, right now, I’m under contract to MLW and IMPACT had wanted to use me for their Slammiversary pay-per-view and Billy Corgan happened to be there and after my match… I’m always the guy that does his match and leaves right away because I have another career that I — I wear many hats. So he caught me and we talked a little bit and I was like, ‘Hey, you’re coming to St. Louis?’ That’s where I’m based out of right now and we have a really vibrant scene here. My team, Team Ambition, we’re just doing great things and I said, ‘If you need anyone else,’ then we started talking about me coming on the show and defending the National Openweight Title… He’s such a Godsend to the wrestling business because not only is he passionate about it but he’s not afraid just to pull the trigger and make things happen, you know what I mean? Which there is always gonna be a reason not to do something in life. But he’s a guy, hey, we can find a way, let’s find a way and it’s like, my man. So, we found a way to make it work when they came here to St. Louis and it was awesome. I got to wrestle in The Chase and had a great, great match and my opponent Thrillbilly Silas [Mason], guy’s just uber talented. I had so much fun and then Billy had talked to me when he saw me, he’s like, ‘Hey, have you wrestled Colby Corino?’ And I’m like, ‘No’ and he did a press conference or some kind of fan interaction thing before the show and was like, ‘He said it’s one his goals to always wrestle you’ and I’m like, ‘Really?’ And I was like, ‘Well, you know…’ and you know, so I can’t remember if I hit him up or he hit me up — Billy Corgan I’m referring to — and I made it happen for New Orleans and we’re on.

** IMPACT Wrestling’s Raj Singh was a guest on JOFO in the RING and spoke to the outlet about what it means to represent his culture on TV in pro wrestling. Singh does not want it to come off like the company is trying to fill a quota. He’s proud of his heritage and feels IMPACT wants to have a mix of different cultures without making that the primary focus.

It’s amazing of course [representing his culture in wrestling], but it’s like a double-edged sword if you — and I just wanna clarify that when I say it… I wanna be careful when I say this too. I got hired not because I’m Indian, but at the same time, sort of because it’s like, these promotions, they wanna extend the hand and they wanna hire guys of different ethnicities as well but they don’t wanna make it the elephant in the room when we’re on stage. We’re not told we have to wear the turban, stuff like that. But I do that part and wear it proudly as an homage to my people and my culture. So, that’s what it’s like, yes, and doing that. I’m proudly representing but at the same time, I don’t wear the bug or the turban in my everyday life so I don’t want people to think it’s a gimmick and it’s like a quota we’re trying to fill on the show. But, it’s great because overall, every time people see me on TV, I hope they look at me and say, ‘I hate that guy because he’s a good heel’ and then two, that they look and say, ‘He’s an Indian always wearing that turban.’ I don’t want them to associate it with terrorism or something but I want them to be educated on how the character is portrayed as well.

** On the latest edition of GAW TV, Earl Hebner joined Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon and SoCal Val. He recalled a time when he was just getting starting in refereeing and accidentally counted Ric Flair out. Earl shared that Flair and Ricky Morton guided him through the situation so they could get things back on track.

When I was working for Crockett, I was just a rookie then and I was in St. Louis and I did Ric — I’ll never forget this — I did Ric Flair and Ricky Morton, two out of three falls and I was green and I counted Ric out by mistake and I got up and I went, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’ Then I went to the corner for a little two to three second break and I go, ‘Ric, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Ric. I don’t know what to do.’ He goes, ‘Just listen to me Earl, don’t worry about it. Not a big deal’ and he coached me right through it… because I was young and you know, didn’t have the experience that Tommy Young had back then and he coached me right through it. I’m going, here I am working with the world’s champion and I done counted him out. What the hell is going on here? But he coached me right through it and I’ll never forget that. Him and Ricky Morton tutored me, got me right through it.

** While in Puerto Rico, T.N.T. (Terrence & Terrell Hughes) spoke to Lucha Libre Online. They touched on how their father, D-Von Dudley, being one-half of The Dudley Boyz set the bar high for them as a duo.

Terrence: They [Dudley Boyz] set the bar very high for us. The Dudleyz are the most decorated tag team. People can argue all day who’s the best tag team because it’s an argument. People say The Road Warriors, people say The Hardy Boyz but no one can argue who’s the most decorated tag team. The Dudleyz have won tag team titles in WWE, WCW, ECW. That sets the bar high for me and my brother. So, T.N.T., Terrence and Terrell, how did that influence us? It makes us wanna be the very best.

Terrell: Not only that but if you think about it, our dad D-Von Dudley and Bubba Dudley, they were set up to not make it. People didn’t want them to succeed. People didn’t think that they were going to be successful in the wrestling business and they overcame that. They wrestled for WWE, they wrestled for TNA, ECW. They conquered the pro wrestling world when people told them they couldn’t do it. So how did he influence us? He taught us that nobody can tell us that we can’t do anything. We can do whatever we want if we wanna do it. With that being said, we are gonna be tag team champions, we are gonna conquer this promotion [GZW in Puerto Rico] and we’re gonna conquer every promotion we step foot in.

** There’s an interview with Crazzy Steve on the ‘Gimme A Hull Yeah’ YouTube channel (via SOUNDSPHERE) and Steve shared that when he joined IMPACT Wrestling, he thought they were going to change his ring name.

Even to when I signed with IMPACT, I assumed that they were gonna change the name and they never did and it’s worked and so, I mean, yeah.

** Independent talent Billie Starkz was welcomed onto Busted Open Radio. She’ll be making her Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling debut on November 27th and she commented on her forthcoming in-ring debut in Japan.

I’m extremely excited [for my TJPW debut]. Very nervous but I feel prepared at this point. I was very lucky that I took Japanese in school. I did like three years of Japanese so [I know] little bits of the language so I can take care of myself.

** On November 2nd, WWE filed a trademark for ‘TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs’. As of this writing, there is no TLC Premium Live Event scheduled for this year.

** Per NJPW, there were 4,006 people in attendance for Battle Autumn in Osaka, Japan on November 5th.

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling established a partnership with Under Amour. If merchandise is purchased through the NJPW website, the buyer will receive a Hiroshi Tanahashi/Jay White post card.

** Match card for NJPW’s November 12th show which is being billed as Kazuchika Okada’s return to his hometown of Anjo, Japan:

– Yuto Nakajima vs. Ryohei Oiwa
– Tiger Mask vs. Akio Fujita
– United Empire (Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare) vs. HOUSE OF TORTURE (EVIL & Dick Togo)
– Master Wato & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. SHO & Yujiro Takahashi
– Jado, Ren Narita & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. DOUKI, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Zack Sabre Jr.
– YOH, YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI & SANADA)
– Hiromu Takahashi & Shingo Takagi vs. El Desperado & Taichi
– Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii & Kazuchika Okada vs. Tomoaki Honma, Togi Makabe & Hiroshi Tanahashi

** Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s newest trainee had an in-ring segment at their 11/6 show.

** Great-O-Khan did an in-character interview with Tokyo Sports. He stated that he plans on taking over Keiji Muto (Great Muta’s) retirement tour and he’ll be the one to face Shinsuke Nakamura and tag with Sting.

** The latest video from Thunder Rosa’s YouTube channel:

** Military News has a story up about AEW talents visiting the crew of the transport dock ship U.S.S. San Antonio.

** The Busted Open Radio SiriusXM feed has an interview up with Taya Valkyrie.

** NWA commentator Joe Galli joined Wrestling Observer Live.

** Real1 a.k.a. Enzo Amore appeared on ‘The Show On Riverwest Radio’.

** Former WWE talent Cherry was brought onto ‘Insiders Edge: A Pro Wrestling Podcast’.

** November 6th birthdays: Nick Aldis.

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