Nick Gage says AEW locker room made him feel welcomed, recalls conversation with Tony Khan

Nick Gage speaks about his experience[s] with AEW and how the company made him feel welcomed while he was there

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Gage reflects on his experience[s] with All Elite Wrestling.

A week prior to AEW Fight For The Fallen, it was announced that ‘labour’ number two for Chris Jericho on his road to getting a match with MJF was former GCW World Champion Nick Gage. Jericho and Gage competed in a ‘No Rules’ match on last week’s show and Jericho defeated Gage with the ‘Judas Effect’.

Coming off of his two-week stint with AEW, Gage joined Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast and recapped his on-screen and off-screen experiences at AEW. He stated that the locker room made him feel welcomed so it was easy for him to focus on his tasks for the night.

Oh no [I wasn’t nervous]. I was fired up. Nah man, I was born for that moment. First off, that AEW locker room, everything was awesome, the boys are great in there. You know, I never felt like I was unwelcomed or anything like that so that was cool so I was able to focus on what I wanted to do and then they were able to let me be. Listen man, I’m gonna be Nick Gage. You brought me in here to be Nick Gage. If you don’t want me to be Nick Gage then I’m just gonna leave, you know? So, I felt great and I was fired up and that match was great. Shoutout to Chris Jericho for being a tough dude.

After the match with Jericho, Nick Gage had a conversation with AEW President Tony Khan and they both thanked each other. Gage expressed that Khan came off sincere and he showed him nothing but love. As far as the Domino’s pizza cutter situation, Gage said that was all a coincidence.

That’s [Domino’s situation] just a coincidence, sh*t happens. Tony [Khan], Tony came up to me all fired up. I came back and he was, you know, in what they call Gorilla Position, he got up out his chair, came right up to me, I looked that man dead in his eyes and I said, ‘Man, you got something awesome going here. Thank you for f*cking making me feel at home here’ and I was just fired up and he said, ‘Thank you’ and he said, ‘What an awesome match bro.’ You know, he got up out of his chair, went around the Gorilla Position, looked me in the eyes and I looked him in the eyes, just told him them words man. But, I just keep it real. I’m a real motherf*cker, I just speak the truth. I just gave him the truth, how I felt at the moment and hopefully he said the same thing to me and was telling the truth. He showed me nothing but love [like] I’d been there the whole time. I talked to that guy plenty of times and came off nothing but sincere to me, you know?

The weekend before his match with Jericho, Gage was defeated by Matt Cardona for the GCW World Championship at the promotion’s ‘Homecoming’ show. Gage discussed the reaction Cardona got from the fans in attendance.

Yeah I’m gonna be honest with you, I was kind of a little out of it after. You know, that sh*t was getting thrown in the ring man, they hit me with a couple [things]. That sh*t kind of put me out man. I ain’t gonna lie to you. So I was kind of like waking up a little bit and sh*t was just flying everywhere. You know, what do you want me to do, you know? Control the gang? They’re fired up. They don’t like this guy. This guy’s just trying to come in here and you know, try to get off doing a deathmatch and trying to get over because he’s on the indies now or whatever he’s doing. I don’t know what this guy’s doing and they don’t like that sh*t. I’ll never tell my gang to do whatever. They can do whatever they want, as long as I’m there.

The next ‘labour’ for Chris Jericho on tonight’s Dynamite is a one-on-one match with Juventud Guerrera. Jericho has to win the match with a maneuver off the top rope.

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