Jonathan Gresham defeats Cara Noir for PROGRESS World Title

Cara Noir's reign as PROGRESS World Champion came to an end at Chapter 130 when he was defeated by Jonathan Gresham

Photo Courtesy: PROGRESS Wrestling

New PROGRESS World Champion.

The two-year reign as PROGRESS World Champion for Cara Noir came to an end at PROGRESS’ Chapter 130 event. It was ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham and Cara putting their respective titles on the line in a winner take all match.

The conclusion of the bout saw Gresham and Cara exchanging pins. Spike Trivet came to the ringside area and hit Cara over the head with a steel chair. Gresham did not see what happened, but he was able to capitalize on the situation and soon became PROGRESS World Champion.

Gresham is the first non-UK/European born wrestler to hold the PROGRESS World Title.

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